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Intermediate & Senior - Star (**see below) - Programs



Skate Canada has switched over to a new system format that outlines StarSkate levels in a different way.  Skaters will be working through the categories, as mentioned above, but the

levels will be noted as "Star" levels (1-10).  This change will be gradually introduced and used in

competitions and testing to note various levels in Freeskate, Skills and Dance.


If you would like to see outlines of skills and assessments at the lower Star levels, please

refer to the following page of our our website.  This page, entitled "StarSkate: assessment of skills: has two charts that outline the Star levels from 1-5.  As skaters develop further then they will advance beyond, to Star 6 and above.  


Star 1 - 5 assessment sheets can be found by clicking below for the Skate Canada website link:  




For more information, please talk to your child's  skating coach.  





Training on these sessions will be those skaters who have successfully completed CanSkate and who are beginning to develop within the Star levels 1 - 5.  Group lessons with a Professional Coach are provided for two Skills, and one Stroking sessions per week. A minimum of 30 minutes of private semi-private and group lessons with a base coach of your choice is suggested, as skaters progress through the intermediate Star levels.



Senior skaters are our most advanced level skaters who have advanced up through the Star levels.

They will continue to work on the following skills (i.e., to be grandfathered into the new Star 6 - 10 levels).  They will have a variety of private, semi-private and group lessons, as meets their needs.


Dance Series:

Junior Silver Dance - Harris Tango, Rocker Foxtrot, American Waltz and Keats Foxtrot

Senior Silver Dance - Blues, Paso Doble, Starlight Waltz and Killian, Cha Cha Congelado

Gold Dance - Viennese, Quickstep, Argentine Tango and Westminster Waltz, Silver Samba

Diamond Dance Set - Ravensburger, Tango Romantica, Yankee Polka, Rhumba, Austrian Waltz, and Golden Waltz


They will also work on:

Junior Bronze, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver and Gold Freeskate Tests, as well as Junior Bronze, Senior Bronze, Junior Silver, Senior Silver and Gold Skating skills and

Introductory, Bronze, Silver and Gold Interpretive programs.



logo_starskate_large2 STARSKATE LEVEL CODE OF CONDUCT PRIVATE LESSONS SKATE CANADA TEST DAYS Skate Canada - Starskate link Freeskate Star Categories - Quick Reference

Private lessons are offered by our professional coaches.  Their contact information is found on this website, in order to set up lessons and discuss their rates.

Click on this link to see a chart to refer to Star levels relating to entering into freeskate categories in competitions.

Competitive Categories - All Disciplines

Click on this link to see a chart to refer to Star levels relating to

entering into all disciplines and categories in competitions.

Star 1 - 5 assessment sheets Long Term Athlete Develoment - Click here! Dance-Dance-Background