Drayton, Ontario



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The Executive team is comprised of parents and supporters of our club.  All are volunteering their time to provide our community and children an opportunity to

grow in the sport of skating and to promote lifelong participation in physical activities.


Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.  

Executive for 2019-2020:


President        Valorie Giles  

Vice-President   Shannon Frook        

Secretary        Barb Kuper        

Treasurer        Trisha Lee              


Board Members for 2019-2020:

Coaches Rep       Kelly Culp  

Membership Chair  Tami Noble        

Fundraising Chair Crystal Dobben    

Test Chairs       Karen Flewwelling

       &Angela Hessels(Jan.2020)

CanSkate Chair    Karen Shantz      

Carnival Chair    Heike Martin      

Marketing Chair   Leah Rogerson    


Executive for 2020-2021:


President       Leah Rogerson    

Vice-President  Melanie Klassen      

Secretary       Melissa Taylor        

Treasurer       Trisha Lee                

Board Members for 2020-2021:

Coaches Rep      Kelly Culp  

Membership Chair Tami Noble        

Fundraising Chair Shannon Frook

Test Chair      Angela Hessels

CanSkate Chair   Karen Shantz      

Carnival Chair   Heike Martin      

Marketing Chair  Crystal Dobben

Past President   Valorie Giles